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While in graduate school in San Diego, Arne started bicycling as a means of transportation and healthful recreation.  He learned about bicycles and before long he was helping many students with bicycling needs, so he started Arne Mortensen Bicycles.  This business became the UC San Diego Bicycle shop when Arne turned the shop over to the UCSD students upon finishing graduate school.

Occasionally he gets to go on a good ride, but staying in shape and bearing the pains of a stiff neck and a narrow saddle have made long rides a real challenge.  One of his favorite rides up here is from Home Depot to Gail Egner’s house which is on Westside Highway, not far from Vader.   Typically, he meets Jonnie at Gail’s and gets a lift home.

Arne has a favorite bicycle:  It is a titanium frame Tuscany made by Lightspeed.  He still has an original Teledyne Titan bicycle, but he never rides it.


When he moved to Kelso in 2005, Arne started building furniture.  He found that local maple provided a good source of lumber with interesting structures as well as some spalting.
He also took up turning and has tried his hand at making segmented bowls and canisters.


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