• Arne Mortensen

Being Counted

December 2009

Being Counted

It seems that our elected politicians believe that they are our rulers. Whether you are for or against the health care packages being considered in the Senate, you probably know that the majority of us don't want the current offerings. We have given that message loudly and clearly, and yet we are not being counted. We should remember that at election time. I am an NRA member, but I don't hunt, and I do nothing for the NRA, except that I am a member. I know that just being a member gives the NRA standing to fight for our gun rights. I am counted. Most of us are too busy just running our own lives and minding our own business to manage/watch elected officials. Elected officials count on that! So how can we be counted when we don’t have the time to join protests or even read the abominations they try to pass of on us as laws? One way is to organize. Each of us can join an organization that represents American values as embodied in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. With that in mind, I encourage all of us to become members of the Campaign for Liberty ( ) and be counted. They have forced the bill to audit the Fed, and they can do much more for us with our support. Other good organizations exist, and you have choices. But you cannot assume elected officials will do the right thing.

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