• Arne Mortensen

USDA Jobs Forum in Longview

January 2010

USDA jobs forum in Longview

On Tuesday January 26, at the Cowlitz County Convention Center I attended a forum on jobs and economic growth held by the USDA. Usually when I hear, "I'm from the government; I'm here to help," I batten down the hatches and pretend I'm not home, but that would have been unfair of me in this case. Aside from a silly video of the USDA deputy-Secretary saying nothing useful, I was impressed with the tone and demeanor of the FDA folks. I am convinced that these people wanted to hear what we citizens have to say. Whether that amounts to anything is a function of many things, including whether we make any sense. Did we make sense? The respondents fell into the typical major split: one group looking for special set asides and favors, and the other group saying don't encumber me with needless bureaucracy and let me and my neighbors take care of ourselves. Too bad I did not have my wits about me to go to the microphone to point out the obvious. There is no satisfying the first group, ever; there just isn't enough money to cover all of their tomorrows. The second group could be satisfied rather quickly, at no cost.

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