• Arne Mortensen


March 2010


In the Thursday paper (18th), Dr. Cavens presented yet another plea for passage of the current health care bill. She presented nothing new; she asserted with no evidence that the cost of the current system would be more than the new system. If she is correct then, she must share with us her wisdom that makes this issue the exception to all of man’s history… specifically governments consume resources in a manner that fails the people, regardless of motive, leading to social degradation if not outright collapse. We can go back to the Greeks, the Romans, the Soviet Union, etc.; we can look at our recent years: As the government has grown disproportionately, social malaise has grown, and we have become poorer (you can look this data up on the web). We cannot find any significant government programs that have not grossly exceeded projections.

While the argument for government health care control is based solely on emotion, if we wished, we could argue against the health care bill in many substantive ways. For example, the current bill is being rushed through. Why? If it truly is good it will pass after due vetting. A plan that is two thousand pages is immensely complicated, and we should not flatter ourselves that we understand what the outcome of an implementation might be. Consider that the health care bill is designed with disparate objectives and assumptions by a committee of dubious qualifications in an organization with an earned dismal reputation. Would we fly in a plane designed by such an organization? Would we at least ask for some test flights? Would we accept good intentions or proven facts before flying?

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