• Arne Mortensen

Liberty and the Rule of Law

December 2011

Liberty and the Rule of law

Consider that alcohol was so demonized that it was banned in our nation, but only after a Constitutional amendment in 1919. Today the government doesn’t even bother with the rule of law (think Federal gun laws, drug laws, etc.), and we citizens allow this to happen. It’s not that politicians today are any more (morally) corrupt than before; it is that we have been trained to accept the crumbs from government in exchange for our liberty. Review the history of the Kentucky Resolution (1798) to see how Thomas Jefferson reacted to Federal government overreach.

The importance of liberty and limited government to our well-being cannot be made clearer than to cite one of many examples, our history alongside that of Mexico. At inception, we had new world attitudes about self-reliance and liberty, while Mexico continued the notions of an all-powerful government with the people as subjects. Mexico certainly is not poor in natural resources nor does it lack a hardworking people; Mexico is poor by its attitude about government.

Why are things getting worse for our country today? It is because we have become people who embrace an all-powerful government. We want Uncle Sam to fix our personal problems and satisfy our personal desires. Yet, even with well-meaning intentions, when government goes beyond the protection of life and property it overwhelmingly damages people.

As we look to the upcoming elections look for candidates that will restore your unalienable rights. So far the only Presidential hopeful who speaks truth and liberty is Ron Paul. Will we be wise enough this time around to see that the promise of liberty is better than the promise of a free lunch and that a person proven to be as good as his word is worthy of our vote?

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