• Arne Mortensen

The Stronger Candidate

November 2012

The stronger candidate

Tom Paulu wrote in his editorial (1Nov2012) that Obama is the stronger candidate, yet he provides no evidence of substance. We can all pontificate and postulate and explain, but in the end what counts is reality, that which is imposed by immutable laws of physics, economics, etc. The reality for most (all us common) folks is that we are noticeably worse off now than we were four years ago, and that is the case even without accounting for the greater indebtedness we now have bearing down on us.

Imagine an NFL coach taking a job under full fanfare with promises of immediate victory. Imagine that coach asking for yet another four year contract, all in the face of four dismal losing seasons. Imagine that coach telling the public that the losses are not his fault; he blames the weather and everyone around him. He then goes on to talk about his plans for the next season, promising, as before, a brilliant outcome. Tom Paulu knows that such a coach would be terminated at the earliest opportunity. No one interested in results wants promises and excuses.

I’m sure that Tom knows enough football to fire the coach, so his editorial forces me to conclude that he is as naive as Charlie Brown setting up to take yet another swing at the football held by Lucy.

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