• Arne Mortensen

Who Needs an AR-15

January 2013

Who needs an AR-15

In the gun control debate we see daily in all forms of media the transparent display of sophisms aimed at adopting regulations to provide a cure by legislation. When all arguments are aired, only the deluded who cannot separate emotion from reality will insist on gun control. Their argument, “Who needs an AR-15 or a large magazine,” though remains only partially contested.

To that question the most important answer is the simplest: NEED must never be a reason to give government control over our lives. Do you NEED any cars let alone two!? Let’s not forget that cars kill and that the government already provides you transportation. You don’t need alcohol: More than one beer a month exceeds your NEEDS. And cigarettes, those evil things, you don’t need them! Why, because the government said so.

Each of us can fill out pages of such examples of the government wanting to determine our NEEDS, and with a moment of thought we can see the extreme danger in this thinking.

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