• Arne Mortensen

Too Much Government

September 2013

Too much government

“Ask not what your country can do for you,” the well known words of JFK could now be followed with the admonition, "because what the government can do for you, it can also do to you." One can sign up at to receive updates on bills and the like that arise in our State’s legislature. I signed up to get their tax-and-fee-proposals announcements, and from 16Jan2013 to 30Jul2013 I received 690 emails. I suspect that I would have been far better off if the legislature had done nothing at all to "help" me. Who of us can navigate this mess? Each new day brings about a new set of laws and the consequent multiple growth of rules, the aggregated collection of which is unfathomable and unreasonable; each new rule requires another rule to fix the unintended consequences. It seems obvious that we survived, no, prospered yesteryear without these rules. Today we prosper less than yesteryear as those rules stifle our ability to be self-reliant and productive. The United States of America, distinct from all other countries, has individual rights as its soul. Government can fix nothing beyond providing for the protection of individual rights. As we seek to use government to fix all ills, we put into power human beings, who, by the nature of humanity, cannot possibly provide solutions. The evidence of this truism is all around us.

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