• Arne Mortensen

Congress Has Gone Mad

September 2013

Congress has gone mad

Many Congressional legislators have admitted that the public is overwhelmingly against involvement of any kind in Syria. Moments ago I heard Diane Feinstein state that same fact, but she quickly added that "they don't know what I know." Her statement, which represents the thinking of the ruling elite (yes, from both parties), shows us a key "principle" that drives the ruling elite, the sense of privilege to do whatever they want, regardless of the will of the people and the rule of law. What applies to you and me (say, Obama Care) does not apply to Congress. The imperious Congress brings to life Orwell's "Some are more equal than others." If the Syria situation warrants our intervention, then her message is that we, the public, are too stupid and misinformed to have a say; we are not to question why, but to supply the money and the blood. Ordinary people, here and elsewhere, are expendable pawns in their games. NSA spying, IRS targeting, Benghazi, secret courts, etc. are further evidence that the government has gone mad with power and hubris. And now they want to bomb Syria! We, the people, must tolerate no longer the imperious ruling elite. The best way to do this is to flood them with petitions and phone calls until the next election, at which time WE VOTE THEM OUT.

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