• Arne Mortensen

Big government is the Problem

June 2014

Big government is the problem

For decades now we all laughed about the joke that we should run and hide when the caller at the door announces, “I’m from the government, and I am here to help,” but it is no laughing matter that government actions, while being manifestations of a well-intentioned public, are invariably incompetent, at best. In the face of such recent events as the VA Hospital scandal, is this the time for the public finally to accept the fact that big government does NOT work?

We definitely need a change in our attitudes about how much government can really do. If government could provide good outcomes, why are we in such a mess? For example, how is the multi-decade war on poverty working? The examples are plentiful.

It never makes sense to give someone our money and liberty, believing that they can take better care of us than we can ourselves. But that is what we do when we re-elect candidates who bring us more of the same. Will we make that same mistake again in the re-election of our Congressional Representative? I hope not. We really do have a choice.

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