• Arne Mortensen

Socialism and Social Security

September 2014

Socialism and Social Security

A few days ago a letter seemed to suggest that "many" of those who claim the president is a socialist while they themselves receive social security payments are hypocrites. I cannot see a breach of logic or morals to be against socialism while collecting social security. The general public has little choice but to pay into social security, so we cannot conclude that they are/not socialists. I might conclude that if they voluntarily do not collect social security to which they are entitled they are foolish; if nothing else, they can put that money to use locally and do more good than the bureaucrats in D.C. have shown they can do. And for those who think that social security retirement benefits need to be reduced or eliminated, I wonder what they might say of the moral standing of a private firm which issued annuities, and then, when the annuities matured, the firm decided not to pay or honor the terms of the agreement.

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