• Arne Mortensen

Socialism is a Failure

August 2015

Socialism is failure

In response to some recent letters to the editor about the benefits or even beauty of socialism, I cannot find one instance in all of history in which spending other people’s money (OPM) over the long run has borne beneficial fruit for any society.

Those who claim that socialism works well in Europe and other places (let’s exclude embarrassing counter examples like resource rich Venezuela, historic and beautiful Greece, and the formally totally socialist worker’s paradise, East Germany), fail to see the data. People from those places want to come here; business wants to come here; research and development largely is done here. The consequent results from these activities performed here benefit the rest of the world, socialists included. But … what happens when we become complete socialists? From where will the progress come to heal the sick or feed the population; to where will people flock to build the next company; to where will the inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur go?

Socialism has as its root the concept that someone else is responsible … for everything. The blame game and the confiscation game never are productive. It also builds on envy, a most destructive emotion. For a sensible yet down to earth treatment of the economic myths of socialism read any of the works by Henry Hazlitt or Bastiat. Scholarly treatments can be found in the works of Mises, Hayek, and Friedman, just to name a few.

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