• Arne Mortensen

Vote Individual Liberty

February 2016

Vote individual liberty

We have drifted so far from the fundamental principles that formed this country that our salvation is in very serious question. We have presidential candidates who are liars and opportunists; we have representatives and presidential candidates who advocate the use of force to achieve their goals. Their tools are the IRS, bureaucratic edicts, legal but unethical loop holes, unconstitutional laws, military intimidations, and “legal” intimidations. Their principal justification reduces to two old questionable sayings: “might makes right” and “the ends justifies the means.”

Even if we choose to accept that all politicians are well intentioned, we should heed my Mother’s admonition: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Actually it is pretty simple to figure out a good policy because it is based upon individual liberty. No one likes to be told how to live or how to spend their money. Yet most government policies charge us (via fees, taxes, debt, and inflation) the Stalinesque equivalent of the cost of the bullet to execute our freedoms. If you think that works, invite me to dinner, and I will tell/command you how to live.

If you don’t think that works, then vote accordingly. Vote as if it were your money and your liberty … because it really is.

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