• Arne Mortensen

Some Misconceptions

March 2016

Some Misconceptions:

The political climate has given rise to many recent TDN letters, repeating popular misconceptions that violate fundamental human values: people don’t like to be told what to do, nor do they like to have the product of their labor be taken. Nothing good comes from a utopian ideology that violates the basic human spirit. Here are some frequent misconceptions:

  • Misconception: that the Republican Party is responsible for our Country’s ills during the Obama years. Truth: Congress of both parties have continued the many decades of rule of men, ignoring that we are a Republic governed by the Constitution. Ultimately, we the people should answer why we have created that ruling class of elite in Congress.

  • Misconception: diversity is color and ethnic background. Truth: Diversity of superficial attributes (race, country of birth) is irrelevant to society. Diversity of thought (thinking outside the box) is the real value.

  • Misconception: fossil fuels are dirty. Truth: all fuels have benefits and drawbacks; letting politicians (aka special interests) determine what we buy/use as fuel explains the rising cost of energy.

  • Misconception: more money buys better education; free college education is essential to the country. Truth: More money does not yield a better education. That which government gives is forcibly taken from someone. The real world provides us all the data we need to debunk misconceptions. Don’t blame the other guy; just think and act responsibly … particularly when you vote.

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