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Meet and Greet

The contentious intraparty (both Republican and Democrat) struggle going on has left many of us puzzled as well as apprehensive about the upcoming presidential primary as well as the November general election. Although the matter of who is president largely should be irrelevant because the president SHOULD abide by the U. S. Constitution, Congress has allowed the president ever greater (tyrannical) powers, so in practice it does matter. Perhaps it matters most in measuring the temperature of the people … which is hot!

The Republican Party is holding their annual Lincoln Day Dinner on the 30th of April, immediately preceded by a meet and greet of candidates, all at the event center in Longview. Wayne Allyn Root, an excellent speaker and frequently interviewed political commentator will give the keynote address. Come to the dinner to get more insight into the presidential election; you certainly will be entertained as well as have an opportunity to meet influential and substantive people. For more information go to .

Let’s make this event a big success for Cowlitz County by packing the house to show that Cowlitz County matters.


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