• Arne Mortensen

Some thoughts about the State Convention

I’m mostly recovered from the Washington State Republican Convention held this past Friday and Saturday in Pasco. It always is a challenge to organize and manage such a large event, in excess of 1,500 attendees, so it is fitting that we should thank the WSRP staff for their monumental effort.

Our Cowlitz County delegates exemplified the best of camaraderie, thoughtfulness, dedication, and civility. I thank them for these and many other reasons, and I am glad to be one of them.

Here are some personal observations that unlikely will appear elsewhere in print:

  • The Cruz/Trump reported division was evident, but the assumption that there is widespread visceral division with an intent to thwart the will of the people is not correct. The Cruz people primarily want to be heard so that Trump maintains policies in keeping with Republican principles.

  • A moral society requires civil discussion about issues and a framework of rules (e.g. the U.S. Constitution). One egregious abuse occurred during the discussion of a motion to support a resolution to call for a convention of states. Briefly, discussion is limited due to time pressures, so the pro side and the con side alternate until time expires. A game was played: a pro person stood in the con line, and took up time at the microphone with nonsense, a diaphanous cloak to thwart the right of a proper speaker. That impersonator succeeded in polluting the process. That is sad, but it does illustrate one point of those who do not favor a convention of states (if you can thwart the process here, why not expect the same at a convention of states?), but yet fully support the reasons that compel people to call for a convention of states.

  • The Cowlitz County group of delegates shined in quality and thoughtfulness. Scott Whittington deserves special mention for his marathon work at the convention, both in the committee on resolutions and in the breakout meeting by Congressional district. The former took from 2:00 PM to past midnight; the latter cost Scott a decent meal at the banquet, for which he already had paid handsomely.

  • Congratulations to Norma Peters for being elected delegate to the National Convention. She has worked hard for the Republican Party and this is a justly earned honor.

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