• Arne Mortensen

"We can do better"

I spent a couple of hours at the Millennium meeting on Tuesday, May 24. That was long enough for me to see that the event clearly was only political and not scientific, and that made me sad as I ran through my mind the great harm that populism and populist science can do. We don’t burn people at the stake, like we did when true scientific inquiry contradicted the “experts” of the day, but we do scorn the “deniers” and do what we can to destroy them. We do not address the real issues; instead we use whatever means, even if irrelevant or unsound, to sway the people. Thankfully, real scientists are compelled by their nature to understand the laws of nature, and even burning them at the stake or stoning them to death, they move forward … and society benefits.

There is no scientific reason to stop the coal terminal, yet, the anti-coal terminal forces are correct, “We can do better.” But that always is the case. And in the absence of four years of producing no alternatives, they SHOULD do better than try to subvert progress.

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