• Arne Mortensen

How did the county commissioner's forum go?

Yesterday the League of Women voters (LWV) had their commissioner candidate forum, and I was one of nine candidates trying to show why we should be elected to the position. Five, including me, were vying for the two slots in the primary for district 1. District 2 had four candidates.

By far, Kevin Hunter, in district 2, did the best job of presenting himself and offering sound commentary. I had a pretty rough day speaking due in large part to having a stuttering bout at a most inopportune time. That happens … it never stops me from going forward, but it does make life rougher.

The format was driven by questions, which may have been fine questions, but with only two minutes to answer, there was no time to give context to any answers. For the typical answers, having been heard for decades, that is not a problem. But for those “novel” answers, the time allotted is too short.

A common thread among many answers was that the commissioners could provide a government solution. My points uniformly were focused on the Ronald Reagan notion that government is not the solution but is the problem, a concept that is hard for people to see because good intentions are seen to excuse bad results.

I ask the Reagan question: After all the government effort, “[are you better off today than four years ago?]”

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