• Arne Mortensen

Commenting on a TDN letter to the editor

In “without reservations” letter of 19 June, the author is amazed that candidates for county commissioner express “no” reservation about the coal terminal. This candidate is amazed that people with little science background insist on using climate change as an issue. They should know that science should not be decided by popular vote. Today, the money trail strongly favors the sensational; no grants are given to “deniers.” In days of old, if you were a denier you would be burned at the stake (Bruno Giordano, and almost Galileo); there were sacrifices to the god of the volcano; etc.; history is full of examples.

There is a tome to be said in this matter, so in 175 words or so you get only a flavor.

To close, when a person goes to court, it is the prosecution that has to prove the case. Should that not be the case here? It should be up to the anti-coal people to prove that the coal terminal would violate their rights, not the other way around.


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