• Arne Mortensen


Thomas Sowell always is worth a read, and this article is no exception, particularly because it tackles one of the most pernicious assumptions about how society should look given a fundamental assumption. The assumption, that any and every category of division of the population (race, religion, sex, size, hair style, etc.) will be uniformly represented in any endeavor (chess, in the TS article) is simply a ridiculous assumption … but it is accepted as axiomatically correct.

Politics is full of false assumptions, yet because the assumptions reflect an emotional need to show that we are compassionate, these assumptions are never challenged. And it is this desire to do good that gives politicians the leverage to abuse us. The evidence is all about us: For example, after 50 years of the war on poverty using the same methods in which the government has taken some 20 trillion dollars from us to solve the problem, we still have the problem, but even at a greater level than ever. Their solution: Do more of the same, but at a greater level of commitment. (It should remind us of Boxer, the horse, in Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Most of us agree on desired outcomes because we want everyone to have a rewarding life, but we likely differ on the method to achieve the outcome. The weakest methods involve government coercion … it is attractive to give the politicians the power to take other people’s money to solve a problem that we wish did not exist. We can do better.

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