• Arne Mortensen

911 Center needs help

At the county commissioners’ meeting this morning there was more than usual citizen interest, even though the agenda was relatively short. Let’s talk about the 911 issue.

The commissioners were asked to support putting before the county voters the question of raising the sales tax by .1% to fund 911. No one spoke against the need to fund better 911, certainly not after some heartfelt testimonial about the many issues facing our 911 center. At this point, it is useful to look back and ask why this center, clearly a priority obligation of government, is now in crisis.

I don’t know the answer to that, but the buck has to stop at the commissioners who for years have ignored the issue. There simply are not enough resources to fund everyone’s desires, so spending must be prioritized, and that is the duty of the commissioners. Does it make sense to fund, say, the writing/development of the County Strategic plan for 2016-2020, while we jeopardize people’s lives with insufficient funding for our 911 center?

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