• Arne Mortensen

Venezuela: Will we learn from it?

While "debates" of specific public policy which, at the foundation, pit liberty and individualism against government and collective control, occupy much of the political discussion, an honest study of current observations and millennia of historical data show that this question already has been answered decisively and unambiguously. The latest evidence of a worker's paradise, Venezuela, is here: For a little bit of background: on a per capita basis, the natural resources of Venezuela are comparable to those of the Continental United States of America (CONUS); Venezuela is said to be a poor nation as if exogenous factors are the cause. The reality is that government which steps beyond the minimal obligation to protect life, liberty, and property, inexorably depresses the human condition, until a final crisis arises with dire consequences. That we want to fix the world, is natural; that we think we can do so with government is proven folly. Perfection is beyond us, nevertheless, we must not shy away from laudable goals, but certainly we should not conflate goals with methods. Except for a few pathological individuals, we all want the same thing, so the real discussion should be on methods not desired outcome. And, here is where we repeat that government has a dismal track record of achievement of goals that benefit mankind. That is what makes the US Constitution the most wonderful of any recipe ever devised for a society which is in harmony with the human spirit. Venezuela would be rich beyond imagination if it were guided by this document. In the US, we have drifted far from the concepts of the rule of law, and we can see our social fabric being torn apart as the government invades more of our daily lives. Such invasion is contrary to the rule of law ... we now have the rule of men, and so we reap those bitter results. Let's work together to get our country back. We can start with a MUST win for Bill Bryant for governor and an important win for Steve McLaughlin for lands commissioner.

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