• Arne Mortensen

Whining for change

Early last week I floated a test poll, and only 26 people responded. Some of those 26 did not correctly read the instructions, so I will try to do a better job in my next poll, which also is a test.

The most consistent feedback I received stated that my “instructions” were too complicated and too long. I must admit that I was disappointed because my drive is to return as much control to the people as is possible.

Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson, “[An educated citizenry is vital requisite for our survival as a free people].”

There are many perfunctory tasks that local government performs. Some examples are the paying of bills for services rendered. These issues have no policy implications and are just “contractual” formalities, and therefore are of little interest to you, the citizens.

But there are issues, typically of policy, that should be presented to the people. An example of such an issue is the purchase of the Love Overwhelming building; that purchase, an optional move by the County, has implications on the budget as well as on the policy of acquisition of assets.

It is about these important issues that I want to get feedback from the public. Remember I campaigned on transparency; that means I must present issues to the public before it is too late for the public to express their wishes. It also means that the issues typically are not going to be so simple as to fit into a one or two paragraph description.

Do we not have the time to read and study a few key issues? Before I get too high on my horse, think about our schools and consider that hundreds more people attend a high school football game than attend (if any do) a school board meeting. Now consider how that disparity manifests itself in our schools.

In the next few posts I will set up the launch of the next test, which I hope will be given due consideration and participation.

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