• Arne Mortensen

Stop mixing politics and science (and build the methanol plant and the Millennium Bulk Terminal)

Click on this link for a reasonably thorough treatment of the issue of CO2 and AGW.

I started grad school at UCSD some years after Roger Revelle at UCSD wondered whether man’s burning of fossil fuels was contributing to global warming. From this Wikipedia link, you can see that the discussion and controversy has history from the very beginning of the concept.

Academia is not the bastion of altruistic search for truth, an image fostered by academics who depend upon government money at every level, from student loans to grants of serious amounts of money to pursue a livelihood. Academics write proposals to capture grant money from the NIH, ONR, NSF, etc.; funding for studies of [claimed] impending cataclysms garner more attention than typical studies to determine some arcane knowledge about obscure physical properties. And any cataclysmic event is fertile ground for politicians to claim they are the ones to save the world. Mixing Science and politics leads to disasters; it does not lead to truth. Here and here are examples of politics driven science in action. If you want something more recent, try this and this.

Today we have movements to punish so called Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers. See this article. Do we believe we are seeking truth or just conformity? Apparently, diversity of thought is to be eschewed.

Zealots continue to attack plans to build a Methanol plant in Kalama and the Millennium Bulk Terminal in Longview. I can’t imagine what level of hubris is required by these people to take actions to destroy the works of others and the opportunities for others to make an honest living. As I have mentioned before, to those who say, “We can do better,” we all have been waiting for their contribution. All we have is their sanctimonious obstruction.

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