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Build the Millennium Bulk Terminal

A recent TDN guest editorial built on the concept “climate change is real” and that humans can play a strong hand in controlling climate change. Of course, climate change is real; it always has been, but the assumption that we humans can play a deliberate and significant part in climate change is quite problematic. For starters, who knows what is the right climate for the Earth … and so on with many tough questions and with the topic of climate change now glibly succumbing to political football.

This editorial seemed to say that the proposed methanol plant in Kalama is good, while the proposed coal terminal in Longview is bad. At least we know that the article is in the opinion column, and as such it represents a lay assessment of a difficult body of science.

The science is NOT settled. Those who refer to the reported 97% of scientists agree on climate change maybe not have understood that science is not something you vote on and they may not have seen articles like this one. Or this one.

For a reasonable summary on climate change, I'll re-post this link.

Build Millennium Bulk Terminal and sleep easy about climate change.

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