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Fake News

In a recent letter to the editor for The Daily News, a Kalama City Councilman, specifically singled me out for some specious claims about me. Typically, I don't respond to non-constructive comments, but I succumbed on this one to set the record straight about false claims and sent a response letter to TDN. It has not been printed yet, and may not get printed, so I post it here. The text is shown below:

In a recent letter to the editor, we saw what has become typical of politics, a personal attack to the exclusion of substance. The letter was presumptive, imputing motivations (pejorative, of course) that the writer could not possibly know, especially considering that he has never talked to me.

The claim that I am furthering my own agenda by endorsing Tom Merz, gives pause to question the writer what my agenda might be. All we are told is that it is to satisfy my own needs. What are they? We are left to imagine.

The writer also claims that I have not visited Kalama since my election to commissioner: False, I live in the city of Kalama; I walk to the post office, to the police station; I gave a talk at the Kalama Chamber of Commerce, held at the port offices; I even attended a Kalama city council meeting, this last being disappointing. But, I remind everyone that I work for the people of the county, not just for any one group, even my home city. Principles matter.

“We can do better,” than this, councilman Ciancibelli.

Arne Mortensen, Kalama

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