• Arne Mortensen

My Neanderthal content

Overwhelmingly, I believe, most of us want the same outcome, which can be summed up as safety and happiness for all. Where I typically differ with the general thinking of the moment is the method by which to achieve that goal … that the goal is only ever partially achievable does not deter me from seeking to fulfill it.

The struggle for this goal began millennia ago, so we have a great deal of history from which to draw lessons, and that is a method I use when I look at programs. Typically, this leads me to conflict with many political approaches; I do not enjoy conflict at all, so I do this out of a sense of duty. I don’t try to impose more than a defense of individual inalienable rights; to mitigate the danger of being part of the problem, I employ an objective interpretation of copious historical data to support or debunk specific approaches.

Thinking outside the box is essential for progress, but it exposes that thinker to status of pariah or worse. (BTW, Walter Block has a very interesting book which certainly is an out of the box approach to some commonly held ideas. The book, a quick read, can be downloaded for free here. ) (The following is said with an intent to entertain and have fun.)

In my defense, I want to assure the reader that despite some claims that I am a Neanderthal, I am less Neanderthal than many, as measured out of a self-selected group who submitted their DNA to See the screen shot below from 23andme about my Neanderthal DNA content:

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