• Arne Mortensen

Attitude is a big factor

In this article from the Mises Institute we are presented with the Swiss solution to health care. Because Switzerland is a well managed country, the several points presented in the article are worth considering as potential keys to understanding social problems in the US and specifically in Cowlitz County. After decades of pursuing the same solutions and attitudes, we have spent gargantuan sums of money only to note that we have made the problem worse.

Acceptable behavior is a powerful factor that determines the attitude and functioning of a society. Notice the comments section discussions in the above article, and make sure you read the comment by LaughingTarget.

Today we think that we can control attitude by legislation. That doesn't work. Consider that drug use is illegal yet usage is rampant. Think of drunk driving as an example of this point: laws against drunk driving have been around "forever," yet it wasn't until MADD pressed for decades a public attitude change, that drunk driving was driven from being "cool" to being stupid and unacceptable.

We all have a story, but we don't have the right to make our shortcomings or problems someone else's problem. And we particularly don't have the right to use public policy to transfer our burdens to the taxpayers. The evidence is overwhelming that this approach does not confer prosperity upon society; in fact, the result is just the opposite. In the face of the failure of our welfare system, it is hard to imagine why there is such resistance to a change that emphasizes personal responsibility and shifts charity from government force to voluntary personal action.

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