• Arne Mortensen

The jobs picture - a high level view

The question of jobs comes up often in Cowlitz County, but so far suits filed by those already comfortable in their lot have prevented any development by companies which are big enough to produce well paying jobs and to bring substantial revenue to the county from commerce.

Of the many arguments of the protesters, the one, “we can do better,” has been explained, in part, as the amount of real estate to be used by the proposed plants to produce so few jobs is unacceptable (to them).

The fact that those objecting to the proposed plants argue that the companies trying to build facilities in Cowlitz County produce too few jobs per acre, show that they do not understand that the days of the factory with a huge number of workers is gone. Factory work is being replaced by robotics more and more … and nothing will change that. We’d better understand this monumental change …

Here is an article that is a bit long, but you might want to comb through some of it. John Mauldin is a good thinker, and he addresses this issue, following on the heels of the recent government jobs reports.

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