• Arne Mortensen

No, Climate Science Is Not Settled

My Russian friend, Igor Ushakov, a Renaissance man of extraordinary capabilities died early last year. It was one of those distinct pleasures that I have had in life to become a close friend of this extraordinary man. There are many stories I tell from time to time about the lessons and insights I learned from Igor, but for this posting I want simply to use one of his observations as an introduction to a very important issue affecting us directly in Cowlitz County.

The observation (more an implicit admonition), paraphrased is: “[You Americans have a propaganda machine that is much better than Pravda.]”

For this posting, the propaganda is AGW, anthropogenic global warming, the concept that human caused production of carbon dioxide will doom our planet to destruction. This conjecture has fed a political machinery, both in real politics and in so-called academia, that has created the necessary panic to convince people to cede more power and money to special interests, namely government and academia.

I have written before about the negative consequences that arise from mixing politics and science, as well as the shortcomings of using emotion to guide policy. To negate the climate change political tyranny that is upon us, Larry Wilhelmsen devotes considerable energy with study; below are some links he sent me that are illustrative of how the science is not settled. Disclaimer: I haven’t vetted all the links.

1) Weak Solar Activity And La Niña May Cool Global Temperatures In Months Ahead No Tricks Zone, 13 December 2017 2) New Paper Questions Paris Agreement’s Dubious Temperature Limits Global Warming Policy Forum, 14 December 2017 3) FOI Emails: Disney Rejected Obama Proposal To Use ‘Frozen’ Characters To Push Climate Agenda The Hill, 12 December 2017 4) Climate Change Activists Used ‘Arbitrary’ Adjustments To Exaggerate Sea Level Rise, Scientists Claim Daily Mail, 14 December 2017 5) Global Agricultural Boom: A Million Thanks To Climate Change Vijay Jayaraj, The Patriot Post, 12 December 2017 6) Germany To Open Another New Coal Power Plant Reuters, 7 December 2017 7) Fracking Protesters ‘Fake Police Injuries For The Tv Cameras’ The Times, 14 December 2017

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