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About sea level change - presented in an article by Jim Steele

Thanks to Larry Wilhelmsen for pointing out this nicely written article. It is important to note that the article is a readable version of what a real scientific overview paper should be (as contrasted to the many incomplete and political ones that are the typical fare). As an aside, if you have a chance, look up the author's details as found on his Facebook page.

In case you don't have time to read the whole article: the IPCC has a dismal record accounting for real data versus their predicted data about sea level change. Why?

Below, I copied the concluding paragraph, but first let me give a personal note. Walter Munk just had his 100th birthday! I took his "tides and rotation" class while I was at Scripps Institution of Oceanography ... it was one of my favorite classes.

"A better accounting of natural groundwater discharge is needed to constrain the range of contributions to sea level rise suggested by researchers such as Gregory 2012. The greater the contribution from groundwater discharge, the smaller the adjustments used to amplify contributions from meltwater and thermal expansion. Until a more complete accounting is determined, we can only appreciate Munk’s earnest concern. How can we predict future sea level rise if we don’t fully understand the present or the past?"

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