• Arne Mortensen

Liberty is the clear winner

The article below is a good description of why we, in the United States, continue to see the growth of problems despite all sorts of government intervention. As a commissioner, I agonize over many of the votes requested of me for, what amounts to be, a free lunch. Of course, there is no free lunch because the government has no money that it does not take forcibly through taxation (or borrow which must be paid back with tax money). Furthermore, that free money has strings attached such that centralized bureaucratic control is enhanced. Eventually, we will become a second rate nation, and all of mankind will pay for the loss of this marvelous experiment, our country.

Whenever I hear the clamor of why doesn't someone (the government) take care of [you name the perceived iniquity], I am reminded of the JFK admonition ("ask not ...") and the RR admonition ("government isn't the solution ..."

The only legitimate function of government is to protect property rights and individual liberty. The rest of what government does invariably is destructive.

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