• Arne Mortensen

Billion Dollar Homeless Scam article

I hope everyone can accept the assertion that as a policy, taxation suppresses that which is taxed, while applying a subsidy increases that which is subsidized. This simply is a reality.

So, we subsidize homelessness while we tax income. How is a young person supposed to prepare for their future while their income is being taken to subsidize a myriad of welfare programs?

Welfare is not a legitimate function of government. If for no other reason than effectiveness, government welfare is a monumentally inefficient system ... why be careful with someone else's money when you can always extract more from the public?

Those expounding the concept that the government has responsibility to feed, clothe, and generally take care of the needy are welcome to apply their own funds to charity. To demand that others pay for our vision of charity is not charity. Those who want to force the citizens to pay for "well intended" programs should explain why this time it will be different than in Venezuela, the former Soviet Union, and many other examples.

See this article for details.

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