• Arne Mortensen

More of your money being put at risk

We are a republic, not a democracy. Our founders realized that democracy is a recipe for mugging the minority by the majority; for that reason, they crafted a republic, with rules that offered legal protection from this mugging. Note that neither the US Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence use the word democracy.

Private property is essential to a prosperous society; in a rational world, this would be a given and would never have to be declared explicitly. But we are in a new world in which historically evident truths are discarded for “new” ideologies; you know, the ones that destroyed societies, but, for some reason, now [“that I am in charge”] the outcome will be different.

Yesterday, 4Jun2019, there was a hearing at 10:15 in Cowlitz County, with the sole question of whether to order the auditor to put on the ballot in November a proposition to create a new taxing district, a library district, in the rural area surrounding the current City of Woodland Library District.

One fundamental issue is whether we believe the majority can tax the minority for non-essential services, particularly ones available reasonably otherwise. Is your property subject to the tax of well-meaning people who know what is good for you, even if you have no interest in using the service? Certainly, that situation already is with us, but does that mean we should add to it?

Commissioners Joe Gardner and Dennis Weber yesterday voted in favor of placing this proposition on the ballot; I voted against it.

Without resorting to principles of a republic form of government, the detailed facts alone support the concept that this new library district, with government sanctioned confiscation of property (money, in this case) is unnecessary, even if we embrace the proponents’ zeal for libraries. Joe Gardner admitted at the meeting that he would not support such a district, but by voting for the motion, he cast aside the RCW (27.12.470) that, as explained to me by legal counsel, requires a commissioner to believe it is in the best interest of the County to enact the proposition.

Both Dennis Weber’s and Joe Gardner’s sole argument is to let the people have a vote. They completely ignore the fact that your private property should not be the subject of a populist vote; as with any democracy, private property eventually gets taken over by the government (mob). With the demise of private property, we become a Venezuela, the current poster child.

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