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Part 3 - About the Longview School Bond Nov2019

Our bond analysis continues with a look at the second bond priorities, “Safety and Security.”

The total cost for this effort actually is $5.6 million, again assuming a 3% interest rate and 21 years of equal monthly payments for amortization.

A quick internet search tells us that there is an explanation for school shootings to suit everyone’s social or political inclinations. In recent decades, there appears not to be any mass shootings at private schools. Maybe if we understand that we might find some useful ideas. There are many other observations to be explored on this issue, but that is out of our current scope.

First on the list is a “district-wide security notification system.” Sounds good, but why does it need bond money? In our county the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is led by the experienced and accomplished Ernie Schnabler; he has put into place county wide alert systems that also can be segregated by much smaller groupings. Furthermore, simple uses of closed pages on Facebook can be implemented almost effortlessly. You get the idea.

Second on the list is to “update lighting & security cameras.” Nothing wrong here. Shouldn’t this already be in place?

Third on the list is “install new fencing.” The idea (as we scan ahead at the fourth item) is to close all campuses and to have controlled limited access. How will this be managed at the start of every school day?

Fourth on the list is “walled in glass vestibules.” Dan Zorn stated that the glass would not be bullet proof, in part due to the added expense. Further, imagine how much of a delay there is going through security at the Hall of Justice or the airport.

Does the district have a practical solution? A rigorous security expert probably could help us assess whether such measures would prevent a serious shooter from getting access to the school grounds. It is hard to make overall assessments without definitions of what level of attack we are addressing.

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