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Part 4 - About the Longview School Bond Nov2019

Our bond analysis continues with a look at the third bond priorities, “School Replacements.”

To have the schools built now, we will be paying about $26 million in interest. The monthly bond payment will be approximately $460,000, principal plus interest.

Their FIRST bullet point is that the two schools involved, Mint Valley Elementary and Northlake Elementary, will be torn down and larger schools will be built. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT > $90 MILLION, an absurd amount to spend on two buildings. There is so much that is wrong here, that I cannot figure out where and whether even to start. The current schools currently function (apparently without maintenance); do maintenance and save the money in an account for a replacement in the future. The way they use taxpayer money, they cannot even afford to do maintenance, let alone save for a replacement. So, what is going on is a sting. They don’t have to acknowledge their failure to manage a budget, they simply raise taxes in a clever way, a bond, while they effectively do little for better education.

When I lived in India, I made friends with a local businessman and I toured the private school to which his kids attended. After graduation from high school, his son went on to college at UC San Diego. Here is a picture of a typical classroom at that school. No a/c.

And here is a picture of their gym banner:

The SECOND bullet is about updating technology. This is ridiculous … k-12 education is about fundamentals. See the above pictures for technology.

The THIRD bullet is about security features. It must cost a great deal to be on this specific list, but they say that they need to only $4.2 million to do the entire school.

The FOURTH bullet is to eliminate portable classrooms. Why?

The FIFTH bullet is about special education. This is a complicated subject. Special education is people intensive, not facilities intensive, as best as I know.

BTW, since when did schools need to hire a PR person, Rick Parrish, in this case?

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