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A Facebook posting - government regulations are the problem

With good reason, some people avoid Facebook. I think the below posting might be of interest to some of those people.

A day or so ago, I posted a FEE article to which a good person responded in the comment section. I appreciate this comment.

My intent in my postings is to combat the notion that government is this benign entity that can solve issues of the human condition by exercising power over the people. Government, as Ronald Reagan said, is the problem. Yet, most of us are the product of government training, and many of us think that Nirvana is just a law or regulation away. The overall record of big government is shameful and destructive if examined from the high level that Ronald Reagan once asked, "[Are you better off today?]."

The notion that government cares for the citizens likely is true for many public employees, but as a total package it is not. Most guilty are the elected officials who have found a way to get re-elected time and again by making promises equivalent to buying votes. If we fall for that, it is on us, the voters. We are so close to the tipping point ... maybe we already are on the wrong side of the tipping point. I'll indulge in a couple of examples that illustrate that government is not interested in the people:

-- Red light cameras were implemented in Longview. Why, because they make money. That you might be stuck in traffic due to poorly planned streets, they care not. Why because they cannot make money out of making your life easier.

-- Do need to say more than I-976?


Judy Baker The complaints listed here are also a part of medical care everywhere.... To cut down on all the extra paperwork there needs to be insurance regulations.... yes I said the dirty word....

Arne Mortensen And who is supposed to be the mastermind with the wisdom to come up with just the necessary and successful regulations? If you have faith that government solves problems, then you fail to look at the entire picture. Bringing this or that anecdote supporting one side or the other in an argument is useless; anecdotes serve only as an indication of where to look. Health care has been around for longer than any of us, so there is quite a record, and we can look at the big picture and ask how well is the system working. If it were working, we would not have the endless articles and assertions about a fix. There is plenty of high level observation that government is not the solution to progress and is not the successful arbiter of who gets what in a scarcity of resources. The free market is the champion here. Does the free market fix all the issues? Of course not, but it is the best at generating useful solutions. There is a huge body of obvious data that supports the concept that the government is the problem. Humans act in their own self-interest; if they don't they go out of business. Do you think your local eatery does not poison you because of health department inspections? Government can be most effective if it provides for TRUTH in disclosures, but it doesn't do that because government is self-interested, above any concern for the citizens. BTW, that the complaints here "are also part of medical care everywhere," is not a reason not to do better. In fact, it is a reason to examine fundamental assumptions that government uses to dabble with health care.

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