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Castle Rock RTA follow-up

In my last post here I gave a limited accounting of an action taken by the BoCC, that action violating common sense and property rights. The action was to approve a proposal by the city of Castle Rock to enlist Cowlitz County into enforcing City development regulations onto County residents. Why my two colleagues voted for (I voted against) this escapes principle and logic. I guess they must feel that they know better than the people, so much so, that to give citizens choice is unthinkable.

The proposal took the form of a resolution, so it might legally have escaped requirements of a formal hearing process. But "a rose by any other name" is still a regulation, and that should have gone before the people. To err on the side of increasing regulation on citizens is an issue of failure of principle, at best. It is government overreach cloaked in gibberish about looking out for our interests and planning far into the future for our own good. Did we really give up the design of our lives and those of our children to these bureaucrats? I hope not.

The meeting to vote on this was a surprise to the people who successfully fought the predecessor to the RTA, the UGA. The citizens had managed to pressure CR to abandon the UGA, but like good bureaucrats they planned for a work around, the RTA.

One citizen, Jerry Cooper, has been active in citizens rights and was part of the anti-UGA team. Jerry has looked at the RTA and has produced a list of questions which he submitted to the County in early January.

Here are Jerry's questions.

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