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  • Arne Mortensen

Covid variants by "vaccine?"

In several postings I have discussed (maybe ranted is a better description) that government never looks at both sides of an equation when deciding a course of action. There are several reasons for this, but that is for another rant.

The lockdown response to Covid is a perfect example of such utter myopia. So is the vaccination mandate. It appears that not only is the vaccine an avenue to tyranny, its promise now may include an avenue to variants. While no one should confuse causation with correlation, government does is frequently. So let's indulge ourselves and note that the recent spate of cases and hospitalizations and deaths tracks very well with the vaccination numbers.

Now look at this article:

Frankly, I think our public health departments have painted themselves into a serious failure of moral responsibility. All this because they support (in Cowlitz County, implicitly) the tyrannical mandates of the bosses.

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