• Arne Mortensen

Free help for failures

The American ethos was built around celebrating success from productive work. Productive work is defined as creating/rendering/delivering goods and services to satisfy demand. As government has ignored individual rights and has ignored Constitutional proscriptions to such interference, government has turned nearly all pertinent principles backwards. Examples of this backwardness abound: How about this one? The IRS does not have to prove their case of a claim of faulty reporting (and more); you have to prove that you are innocent. How about this other one: you own your property and want to build a house, but you can't unless you meet "code." You have to pay B&P to PERMIT you to build.

Well, the article below gives us another example: if you are successful (even as a State), you have to help pay for those States who were not successful. This is the insanity of taxing/burdening success and subsidizing lesser results. The end is so obvious that I am appalled that many still think liberty and Constitutionality is someone else's problem to work.

"Does Every State Really Need a Big Biden Bailout?"

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