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Is this how we prove Khrushchev was right that we will hang ourselves?

UPDATE: 20 Apr2020 After some amount of pressing, I was able to get the complaint form moved off of the County Website, or so I thought. Moving that page made the link below invalid, and I finally went to find the new location of the form, and I found it here. I was thoroughly disappointed to see it is still part of the County Website.


Original Post:

For better or for worse, let me tell you about my now deceased friend, Igor Ushakov. He was a (forced) member of the Russian Communist Party and one of their technical (and world class) very heavyweights. His circle in Russia included KGB generals.

I met Igor in the 1990s in San Diego; we became fast friends, because I listen well, and I have recognition and utmost respect for superior intellect and accomplishments. From Igor I learned many things about a world well beyond my experience (thankfully). I wanted to know what was real and what life was like in Soviet Russia.

The one story I have in mind today is about his reaction to Janet Reno's PSA on nationwide TV, exhorting children to turn in their parents for smoking pot (and other stuff I cannot remember; remember Waco?) Igor was dismayed, unhappy, alarmed, and disappointed. He once again asked me if the Soviet experience had not taught the Americans anything. He had hoped he had left behind that kind of government that would turn family against family and neighbor against neighbor.

Moving to today: I see on the front page of the County Website a hot spot for Covid-19. Hmm! I wonder what this does, so I click it and I am appalled. That would be something that I never would put on the County website. It was put on there without my knowledge, and, I suspect, without the knowledge of the BoCC.

Here is the link. If you feel this form is improper, please send email to the county at and/or fill out the form stating the nature of your complaint in the form.

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