• Arne Mortensen

“Setting the Record Straight” Episode 1, Finn’s Egregious Official Deception.

People in position of power, such as a mayor, should be held at least to the minimum standards set by law, set by ethics, and set by custom. Preferably an elected official exceeds these standards and makes every effort not to abuse the power of the office.

Of primary interest to all of us was the situation at the 3 Aug 2020 Woodland City Council meeting, chaired by Mayor Finn. Here is the link to the video of that meeting: You also will want the link to resolution 725:

As an aside, whenever a citizen rises to speak, the Mayor asks for name and address. This request is a violation of RCW 42.30.040, a law designed to protect the privacy of citizens.

Will Finn collaborated with a citizen to put together resolution 725. There is a proper process for putting an item on the council’s agenda. What Will Finn did was not ethical or proper; he submitted the resolution for the agenda under the name of Carol Rounds, a council member. Carol rounds was not consulted and if you read the resolution you will see that she never would have approved of such a thing. Will Finn, having been caught red-handed should have apologized, but he did not.

The meeting is long. Look beginning at time 30:12 minutes and listen to the principal author of resolution 725.

Then listen to Carol Rounds starting at 36:51. If you have the time, listen through to at least the 42-minute mark.

Will Finn demonstrated abuse of power, lack of transparency, lack of respect for due process, and lack of knowledge of the RCW?

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