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“Setting the Record Straight” Episode 2, Finn’s Typical Politics.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

In the previous Episode (episode 1) I gave some recent video about my opponent at work. In the Prologue (these can be seen on my blog at, I showed a complete posting by Will Finn that was a personal attack with absolutely no substance or purpose other than a personal attack.

It is not my style to attack people, as many of you who have seen my Facebook postings over the years know. Even when I have been attacked on Facebook, my response typically has been to go back to the issue. I will fight back strongly, however, when the attack easily can mislead the public into erroneous conclusions.

Earlier today Will Finn wrote an email to his supporters. Here is one paragraph from there: “WELL…My opponent has fired a few shots our way this past week, with the majority of them being extremely personal and pointed. So typical of a person spewing “theory” and “soapboxing” until verbally beating others into submission! That is not “equitable representation” or "action" that he so often claims how he leads. This is why so many of you are seeking change!”

Will Finn seems to have forgotten that he set the tone when he fired nasty personal attacks based on false accusations. I don’t do that.

I proceed with setting the record straight on one of his repeated accusations (and reason for running for office). He states that Woodland, his sole focus, has been ignored by the BoCC; I suspect that he means that I have been neglecting Woodland. Perhaps, or perhaps it is the opposite. For example, see this email thread:


Re: Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Will Finn []


Tuesday, April 30, 2019 6:51 AM


Mortensen, Arne


Peter Boyce []

Arne -

I spoke to Pete about this. Adam Smee in Kalama current sits on the board and has applied to continue serving. We both feel Adam does a great job representing Small Cities on the board.

At this time, I am not willing to put Woodland forward for consideration and l we haven’t had time to brief council on the topic. We have a lot on our plate right now. As you are aware, we have quite a few projects occupying our time. Once we get some of those projects tied up we can consider when applications come back around for consideration.

Appreciate you letting us know! I did find out they are taking applications on a community “member at large”. I told Darlene to put herself or someone else forward she knows.

Sorry we can’t help right now, but maybe in the future once we can breath again!


Mayor Will Finn

City of Woodland

230 Davidson Street

Woodland, WA 98674

Office: 360-225-8281

Mobile: 360-608-1615


I have been in Woodland many times, not as many as Mike Karnofski, but I never declined a direct invitation from anyone in Woodland or surrounding areas. I spent time on such items such as the Vancouver library initiative, donated personal funds to the Scott Hill Park effort and to the YMCA effort. I responded to requests for funding for the Port of Woodland and the Chamber of Commerce, and so on.

Maybe some will remember the TDN article that said I had tried to switch $20 million from Kelso to Woodland? That was true. I think very well of Kelso and its leaders, but the one political promise I made, largely implicitly, is that I would use taxpayer funds as best as I could. Building a Kelso fly over crossing is far less compelling than solving the Woodland traffic problem. That money, however, I learned could be used only for railroad crossings.

On the other side, Will Finn, to my knowledge, has never been to a commissioners’ weekly hearing. I don’t recall seeing him at the hearings when I pushed night sessions to review the Comprehensive Plan. I do remember Benno Dobbe, though.

In closing, Will Finn’s allegations of neglecting Woodland are not correct. Communication and cooperation are joint efforts. The BoCC has done its part.

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