• Arne Mortensen

"Setting the Record Straight" Episode 3, Endorsements

In this episode I discuss endorsements.

Endorsements have many dimensions, and it is difficult to draw sensible conclusions from them without a full story, and we may never know if we get an accurate or full story.

During the primary Will Finn posted a crude attack on me because I abstained from a vote on a proclamation for police week. His attack included assertions about my disregard for Justin DeRosier. Frankly, I do not know how anybody could ever vote for someone who would impugn falsely another person. When will it be your turn to be the target because facts do not matter to Will?

Back on track: Because of that attack, I contacted Sheriff Brad Thurman and asked him for his endorsement, which he gave me. It is important for the citizens to know that I have been quite attentive to the needs of the Sheriff’s office, for the sake of the public. We currently have more deputy sheriffs on the road because Brad put a program in place to free up deputies from Court Security. Brad and I had discussed this matter before he presented to the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC). I supported that effort even though it took another bite out of general fund money.

Will Finn mentioned in a recent forum that he had the endorsement of Richard DeBolt. What Finn did not say is that before that, Richard already had endorsed me. You see, Richard is a proud Republican, so he endorses all Republicans. And that brings up the implicit question of whether Will Finn is a Republican? Would you consider someone in politics who has never been to a regular Republican meeting in, say, the last 15 years, to be a Republican? Or one who has never been to any Republican Headquarters “meet and greet,” which are events organized by the Republican Party so the public can meet candidates? The list of attendees there has been quite extensive, but it does not include Will Finn. He has received many invitations for all of the events including endorsements, but as he wrote in an email, it is too far for him to go to the Republican Headquarters, which is across the street from the office he wants to occupy, while keeping his full-time job as a Washington State Patrol officer.

The party bylaws require a 75% vote of a quorum to endorse one candidate over another. And I received that vote about a month ago.

Just for the record, I very much like and appreciate the endorsements of representatives Vicki Kraft, Ed Orcutt, Jim Walsh, and Richard DeBolt. The Republican Candidates, Jeff Wilson and Joel McIntire, challenging for office, form a closely knit group with the current representatives and me, as we try to save our county and state. I endorse all of them.

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