• Arne Mortensen

"Setting the Record Straight" Episode 4, is Finn a Republican?

The Cowlitz County Republican Party in a near unanimous decision chose to endorse me over Will Finn.

From the Cowlitz County Republican Party press release: “Will Finn, the current Mayor of Woodland, has been asked by the CCRCC to participate in Candidate interviews & has chosen not to take part. Finn has not participated in County Republican Party events or attended regular PCO meetings. The CCRCC thus fully supports the Candidacy of Commissioner Mortensen and URGES every voter who appreciates our Values to do so as well.

Will Finn has placed his signs along those with whom he feels comfortable. The snapshot of the field of signs is one of several examples. He also has been endorsed by Rosemary Siipola, the Democrat candidate in the primary, and she has donated to his campaign. Several other Democrats have donated to his campaign, Mike Karnofsky, for example.

We all know that Will Finn has filed as a Republican, yet there is no indication that he has Republican values. It appears that it was part of a game to get what he wants regardless of the truth. And it appears that he has no motive other than personal gain.

Have you heard any substantive issue in Finn’s campaign? I have heard the usual political silliness: he is for better communication (but he never communicates, just demands); he wants to fix building and planning (but he has no ideas how); he says that I ignore Woodland (too many counter examples to give, including using my own money for Scott Hill Park, the YMCA, etc.); he tells you that he will improve interactions with the cities (but he says that he only cares about Woodland, [until election day, I guess]). And so on.

Will Finn intends to keep his job at the Washington State Patrol even if he is elected. He wants the office of County Commissioner for his special games, and he is willing to deceive voters for it.

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