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"Setting the Record Straight" Episode 5 - Finn knows the landfill is not for sale

Recently some of you received a mailer from Will Finn, a candidate running for County Commissioner in District 1. That mailer does serve the purpose of telling you all you need to know about Will Finn’s character because it includes a huge lie about a topic already well explained to him several times. For much more detail, see my blog which you can find on my website . In my blog I document in detail several actions by Will Finn, any one of which are reason enough not to vote for him. I am very careful about data, and none of the material I have posted ever has been questioned. My word is too important to me to alloy it, and my principles are tied to my word: Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency.

Specific to the mailer, there are several issues, but I will focus only on the major Will Finn contention that he will not sell the landfill. BTW, I have two articles on my blog that directly provide data on the landfill; here is a summary article: . The claim that he will not sell the landfill is a play on a controversial issue that was resolved well over 18 months ago. Since then there has been no motion by anyone to sell the landfill. I welcome any investigation into this claim.

Finn is aware of the status of the landfill, so using this as a major point is an attempt to deceive you. That alone is sufficient reason to reject him. BTW, note that the major donors to Finn’s campaign are the Willis’s (Waste Control). This amounts to a personal vendetta because I was part of the effort that gave the true value of the landfill to the people of the county, effectively (and coincidentally) denying control of the landfill to the Willis’s (Waste Control).

As we look further into his landfill claim, he incorrectly reports revenue of $6 million. It is about $22 million annually. A commissioner must deal with definitions, numbers, and business concepts; this mistake is egregious and such ignorance is fatal to County operations.

Will Finn is poorly informed on most issues about which he makes claims. Given that during the years that I have been involved with the County and Republican Party, Finn has not participated in any Commissioners’ hearings or Republican party functions; this makes his claims hollow.

There is nothing but fluff or deliberate misrepresentations in Finn’s campaign. See the "setting the record straight" postings in my blog. This one for example is illustrative of trying to deceive the people of Woodland: And this one is an attempt to deceive all of you:

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