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  • Arne Mortensen

Setting the Record Straight - Prologue

As we go into full swing into the campaign for the 2020 Cowlitz County general election, my principal campaign concern is how do I inform the voter about a variety of issues that are relevant to them.

My fondest hope is that the voters review my record. I have left quite a clear trail in my votes and in my writings; just the fact that I leave a continuous trail is singular for a politician. I want people to vote for me because they know and value that I represent the American ethos of honesty, ingenuity, respect for individual rights, and hard work.

Addressing principles and applying them to specific issues makes for a proper campaign. Personal attacks and falsehoods expose a weak platform and reflect a lack of principle and a lack of respect for the voter. They also show the pursuit of office is for personal ambition not for public service. To play with people in this manner is to disrespect them. I bring up issues; I do not indulge in personal attacks and I do not deceive. Because of such attacks, there are times when responding “to set the record straight” is appropriate and necessary. Exposing the truth is a service to the public.

You can see why my campaign tag words are Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency (ART).

My first setting the record straight occurred during the primary campaign, see my blog post here.

A nice follow-up after that incident is that Sheriff Brad Thurman endorsed me.

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