• Arne Mortensen

Will Finn's campaign of innuendos and disinformation.

Will Finn publicly has attacked me instead of addressing issues. Why he feels comfortable imputing motivations for my actions puzzles me. You see, we have never talked more than the occasional hello or other platitudes at meetings, so he does not know me. Given all that I wrote before I was elected to office and all that I have written while in office for more than three years, it should be pretty clear how I think and what I do.

His recent insult is regarding my abstention on a Declaration of Police week for this coming week.

I have abstained from ALL declarations that have come before me. It is not a matter of whether I think the issue is meritorious; it is a matter that the Declarations do not lead to action. Women are still battered; kids are still abused; police are still killed; etc. In fact, I believe that the Declarations give a warm feeling at the expense of action.

Then I wonder why the Declaration is just this week. Is it okay to disregard or insult your Law Enforcement Officers the rest of the year?

I take my part in supporting causes to my private life. Lately I have been pressed by nasty accusations such as this one from Will Finn, so I let people know (just this once) that I gave the Chaplaincy $2,500 last year plus whatever I spent at their dinner fundraiser. I make no fanfare of it. I do not denigrate anyone who does not give or gives less.

Perhaps I should not be surprised if Will does not know these facts because I have never seen him at a regular Tuesday Commissioners’ meeting or county workshops. Similarly, while I have been intimately involved with the Cowlitz County Republican Party for years, I have never seen Will at any meetings, with one exception, the recent precinct caucus just shortly after the article in which he was reported to be running for Commissioner as a Republican.

I had to think a bit about whether to respond to Will Finn and his various innuendos. What does it mean that he uses Deputy Justin DeRosier for his political purposes? One seems to have to be wary of his claims.

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